Writing Effective Meeting Minutes

Writing Effective Meeting Minutes

Learning Outcomes:

  • From classroom discussion, accurately list ways to minimize errors in your minutes.
  • Using your own work example, review and refine your minutes.
  • Using a classroom exercise, accurately edit and correct a set of minutes for clarity and conciseness.
  • Using classroom discussion and an in-class exercise, practice various minute taking techniques and shortcuts.

During this full-day program you will learn the following:

  • The role of the minute taker
  • Skills needed for effective minute taking
  • Styles of minutes
  • The need for accurate minutes
  • Preparing to take minutes
  • The minute taking process
  • Review and revision of minutes
  • Finalizing your minutes

Writing Effective Meeting Minutes

This one day program will help you determine what should be included in minutes and what should not be included. Understand why minutes are necessary and why accuracy is a must. Learn how to prepare for the minute taking process and remove the stress minute taking can create. Determine what skills you need to be an effective minute taker and create an action plan to increase those skills. Participate in exercises to recognize and remove extraneous verbiage and produce clear, concise, and complete minutes.

Class targeted to: Any employee, manager, or team leader responsible for providing an accurate record of meeting discussions, action items, and outcomes.

Prerequisites: None

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