Following are comments we have received in various training sessions.  Thank you for your kind words.

What did you like best about today’s class?

“The thing I like most about training at DCG is the genuine warmth and concern given to the students by this family operated business.  This firm is professional and knowledgeable and the instructors know how to mix learning with a little fun.  One gets the sense that you are the only student in the room.  Questions are addressed, curriculum is covered, and you leave with a feeling of pride and accomplishment for time well spent, whether you are learning the latest software or the latest set of soft skills.  DCG offers one-stop shopping, either in their classroom or your office.  As an Executive Assistant with over 25 years’ experience, and as the President of the Two Rivers International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP), I highly recommend DCG for all your training needs.” – Carol Synal, Executive Assistant, SunCoke Energy, Lisle

“Excellent trainer – clear, concise, easy to understand, helpful; kept it businesslike and more (a true teacher!).”

“Step by step instruction, kind and patient instructor, workbook is a good reference.”

“The trainers at DCG give practical, down-to-earth instruction on the software that all office professionals use.  I am glad the IAAP-Two Rivers Chapter was able to acquaint me with DCG.  Being a Senior Administrative Assistant in the western suburbs and working in an office work environment for over 30 years, I very much appreciate the training offered by DCG to help keep me current in the fast paced world of technology.” – Connie Rizo

“The topics covered applied to what was needed for my job responsibilities.  The instructor was very easy to understand.”

“The instructor’s knowledge and teaching skills and patience.”

“DCG continues to be my go to organization to learn and develop my skills as an Executive Assistant.  Robin and the team have been a phenomenal resource.  The training classes helped me in learning to better utilize my technical skills with Office products Word, Excel, Outlook, and OneNote; I have been able to establish new confidence in my skills and my ability to share those techniques in both my professional and private life.  DCG is an excellent place to learn and develop skills.  I was very impressed that what I learned in such a short time helped me so much.   Robin is a learned professional with many talents and tools to help move a professional career forward.” -Ellen J. Maglio, CAP-OM

“The instructor understood the subject matter extremely well and was willing to explain to be well understood.”

“Went over scenarios that pertain to my job.  Learned many shortcuts to save time…practiced them in class.”