WIIFM? Non-Monetary Recognition and Motivation

WIIFM? Non-Monetary Recognition and Motivation

Learning Outcomes:

  • Given the information provided in class list ways to motivate individuals and what type of individual is best motivated by each.
  • Evaluate the information provided and apply it to your specific situation and create an effective reward program.
  • Using the reward program information you create in class successfully prepare an action plan to communicate the reward program and to address resistance.

This workshop provides valuable insight into what motivates personnel and what will adequately and promptly provide the recognition they deserve.

• Individual Differences
• Honors and Awards
• Does Money Motivate?
• Is Performance linked to Recognition?
• Innovative areas of Recognition
• Goals and Rewards
• Targeted Rewards
• Communicating the Program
• Long-Distance Recognition
• Pitfalls to Avoid

WIIFM? Non-Monetary Recognition and Motivation

This half-day session will bring many roles into play looking at the individual, their place in the company, how they as an individual are motivated, and how to motivate teams. Learn practices to avoid that can cause complaining. Look at different honors and awards programs and how to communicated and administer the program. Learn to tie rewards into the departmental goals. Discuss new, innovative ways to acknowledge extraordinary contributions. Think about the virtual office and how they are to stay connected, receive recgonition and keep motivated. Take a look at monetary rewards: pros and cons.

Class targeted to:

Anyone in a supervisory or managerial or team leader role.



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