Tired of Living in a Pressure Cooker?

Tired of Living in a Pressure Cooker?

Learning Outcomes:

  • List the stressors which affect you and be able to recognize those stressors when they occur and predict your reaction, based on classroom discussion.
  • Given your analysis of your stressors, list ways to effectively deal with stress, assess each method and determine which will work for you.
  • Using information provided in class successfully prepare an action plan for minimizing the stress your life containing at least two behaviors you can commit to modifying.

In today’s pressure cooker world, we need to learn new ways to let off steam before meltdown. This half-day session will help identify methods to help you cope and manage stress.

  • Four categories of stressor types
  • How to identify stressors in your life
  • Assessment test
  • Ways to take control of your stress

Tired of Living in a Pressure Cooker?

Learn what stress can do to your body and how it can control your life. Learn how to identify stressors (who, what, when) that causes anger, resentment, etc. Take a test that shows you how vulnerable you are to stress and in what areas. Look at ways to control your stress through diet, exercise, rest, clothing, relaxation, social office. Then learn what not to do as you regain control of your life and how to have fun with your stress.


Class targeted to:

Anyone wanting to learn coping methods for dealing with stress.


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