Premiere Pro: Basic Video Editing

Premiere Pro: Basic Video Editing

Learning Outcomes:

• Correctly assemble a sequence of media clips as directed by the Instructor.
• Efficiently prepare and edit a sequence adding clips, utilizing the directions in the Lesson Lab.
• Given the parameters provided by the Instructor, successfully export a movie file.
• As shown in the Activity Lab, apply the audio effects to the Instructor’s satisfaction.

This one-day workshop will show you how to create a video program that combines video, audio, and still images.
• Assembling a Project
• Editing a Sequence
• Enhancing a Sequence
• Working with Audio
• Capturing Media
• Exporting Video

Premiere Pro: Basic Video Editing

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

Know how to edit video clips and create digital movies, edit video more quickly, integrate video with other Adobe products, and work in a digital format that can be repurposed for multiple uses. Customize the workspace, create a project, organize media files and add clips to a sequence. Edit footage, trim clips, edit and adjust clips. Add transitions, apply effects, add a title and create a composition. Adjust audio, apply audio effects and map source channels. Capture Video manually, using the Device Transport Controls and perform a batch capture. Export a movie file, video for the Web, and video to a mobile Device. Some experience using graphic design and illustration programs, such as page layout, photo editing, or illustration programs, may be helpful.

Class targeted to: Students who need to edit video clips and create digital movies.

Prerequisites: Students should be fairly comfortable working in the Windows environment. No experience in Premiere Pro is required.

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