How to Paddle Without an Oar

How to Paddle Without an Oar

Learning Outcomes:

  • Using information provided in the classroom, effectively diagram the steps necessary in gathering information about any assignment.
  • Utilizing various role play exercises, successfully utilize the influence skills you have learned to sway another participant’s position on a subject.
  • Using a SWOT analysis, create a list of strengths and weaknesses you see in your ability to influence others and successfully create an action plan to focus on areas for improvement.

This one day workshop provides practical tips for getting things done without authority. Learn basic skills to develop and utilize.

  • Elements of Responsibility and Authority
  • Gathering Information
  • Identifying the path of the Decision Making Process
  • Communication tips
  • Planning for and Defusing Conflict
  • Delivering Effective Messages
  • Working within your Team
  • A Play on Politics

How to Paddle Without an Oar

Specifics covered during this workshop: Determine the elements of responsibility vs. authority. Learn consensus building tips. Look at steps in gathering information about any assignment that has been carefully placed on your plate (desk). Decide the best method in your organization to get something done. Learn the best ways to communicate your ideas and concerns and develop good listening skills. Learn how to foster an honest, sharing atmosphere. Develop skills to work within your organizations policies and politics.

Class targeted to: Any level of employee needing to learn how to produce results where authority is lacking.

Prerequisites: None

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