XML: An Introduction

XML: An Introduction

Learning Outcomes:

  • Utilizing the information provided in an exercise, successfully create XML documents & display XML documents using CSS.
  • Create an XML Markup Language: processing instructions, character data, and comments with mastery and as directed by the instructor.
  • Given information provided in the lesson lab, correctly create a Document Type Definition.
  • Utilizing a set of criteria provided, efficiently implement Style Sheets and Cascading Style Sheets within your teset Web Page.
  • Demonstrate mastery in your use of XSLT to order your output as indicated in the exercises.

This one day look at XML will prepare the student for working in documents using XML and XSLT.

• The Past, Present, and Future of XML
• Creating Well-formed XML documents
• Valid XML with DTDs
• Valid XML with Schema
• Displaying XML Documents Using CSS
• Transforming XML With XSLT
• XML Namespaces
• Xlink and XPointer

XML: An Introduction

Take a look at the history and development of XML and why it is the best of all worlds. Learn the limitation of SGML Look at the elements, attributes, and entities in creating XML documents. Company HTML and XML. Create an XML Markup Language: processing instructions, character data, and comments. Create a Document Type Definition. Look at XML Schema Data Types and specifications, elements, and attributes. Work with Style Sheets and Cascading Style Sheets. Use XSLT to order your output. Introduction to XML Namespaces and linking using HTML Namespaces. Work with XLink and Xpointer.

Class targeted to:
Web developer’s needing to enhance their language skills or those wanting to learn how to develop web documents using XML.


Introduction to Programming, HTML 4.01 Level 1 & 2, and Web Development with Cascading Style Sheets.

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