Writing Relevant Requirements

Writing Relevant Requirements

Learning Outcomes:

  • Establishing objectives for requirements.
  • Discovering the steps in the requirements process and defining the scope.
  • Using scenarios to find functional and nonfunctional requirements.
  • Determining which requirements are feasible.
  • Prioritizing and checking the specifications to ensure requirements are complete.

This two-day workshop is geared to the business professional needing to produce a winning project or program requirements document by following established requirements gathering principles.

  • What is a requirement?
  • The requirement process
  • Using scenarios to realize requirement needs
  • Beginning the writing process
  • Types of requirements
  • Recycling requirements
  • Creating criteria to make requirements user friendly
  • Checking for quality
  • Simulating the process to find other essentials
  • Proofreading the specifications
  • Other issues that might arise

Writing Relevant Requirements

During this hands-on workshop, each individual will learn the skills needed to gather information to write complete, consistent requirements structures. Create IT requirement guidelines that meet the needs, goals and objectives of stakeholders. Ensure everyone involved in the process is working from the same set of specifications. Run scenarios to include each requirement needed. Determine which requirements are necessary and which are redundant. Establish prewritten (template) requirements that can be used continuously. Review the process to guarantee it is complete, consistent and correct. Determine what other problems might occur and how to deal with them. Establish if the final documentation is verifiable.

Class targeted to:
Students involved in gathering data and creating/writing project or program requirements for on-time and on-budget delivery.


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