WOW! Customer Service -Two Day Workshop

WOW! Customer Service -Two Day Workshop

Learning Outcomes:

  • Utilizing information discussed in class, accurately define three ways to build rapport with customers and demonstrate each..
  • During role play situations, successfully identify when communication between the customer and the customer service representative begins to break down and offer suggestions for communication modifications.
  • Give examples of customer service situations successfully provide examples of questioning techniques which could be used to glean information from a customer.
  • Using classroom discussion, successfully describe the eight C’s of the customer service superstar.

This highly successful interactive workshop will train your key individuals on the following concepts. Included will be group practice sessions all in a non-threatening, laughter filled environment.

· Communication elements
· Listening Techniques
· Personal Communication Styles
· Effective Telephone Skills
· Positive Vocabulary
· Building Customer Relationships
· Complaint Handling
· Time Management Techniques
· Stress Management
WOW! Customer Service -Two Day Workshop

This course will provide needed skill sets such as: Building rapport with customers. Responding efficiently to customer’s concerns. Providing the highest level of customer service. Learning different personality types and how to work with each. Assessing and improving your phone voice and telephone etiquette. The power of asking the right questions. How to handle a sensitive issue with sensitivity. Using vocabulary in a positive manner – terms to avoid, terms to use. Bridging the language barrier. Improving complaint handling skills. Managing the difficult or angry caller. Steps to take to manage your time better. Utilizing technology to manage your mess. Learn to identify stress makers and then learn to manage your stress to develop a low-stress work style.

Class targeted to:

Any person in customer service. This course is a good refresher tool as well as an informative session on good customer relations. Much humor will be involved.


None required.

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