Word: Templates – 3.5 hour workshop

Word: Templates – 3.5 hour workshop

This 3.5 hour discussion of templates will show you the timesaving benefits of using templates and the type of templates that may be best to use at your office.

• Overview of Templates
• The Normal Template
• Create Documents using Word’s Templates
• Create Custom Templates
• Create Documents using Custom Templates
• Modify Existing Templates

Word: Templates – 3.5 hour workshop

Students begin this workshop with a discussion of templates, what they are and what type will be best used in their office environment. Learn what the Normal template is and its properties. Create documents using Word’s built-in templates. Create custom templates and use them to create documents and forms. Learn how to modify templates and discuss how templates will save your time.

Class targeted to:
The Word user wishing to avoid repetitious document creation.

Windows 03/Vista/7: Introduction and Word 03/07: Introduction.

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