Word: Tables-Designing and Using Tables

Word: Tables-Designing and Using Tables

During this three and a half hour workshop, the student will learn many ways to manipulate tables and data within a table.

• Table Fundamentals
• Formatting Tables
• Sorting Table Data
• Using Formulas in Tables
• Converting Tables

To make your document more attractive in presentation, as well as to organize data, Word’s table functions are a “must” for those who use Word on a regular basis. You will have the opportunity to create, navigate, and use the Tables and Borders Toolbar. In addition, you will learn formatting techniques, how to format text in a table, align text, add and delete columns and rows, merge and split cells and tables, sort table data and convert text to a table and a table to a text.

Class targeted to:
Students desiring to be proficient with tables to create a better designed table and to organize columns and rows of information in an easy-to-read and attractive format.

Windows: Introduction and Word: Level 1 or equivalent knowledge.

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