Word Mail Merge – 3.5 hours

Word Mail Merge – 3.5 hours

This 3.5 hour focused workshop will feature specifically the Mail Merge function of Word. Learn, practice, and gain a complete understanding of this important feature.

• Overview of Mail Merge
• Creating a Main Document and Data Source
• Sorting and Filtering
• Generating Letters, Envelopes, Labels and a Catalog

This workshop is designed for the user who needs to know how to begin a spreadsheet, how to enter and correct basic information in a spreadsheet. You will learn how to use file management techniques, the Fill Series feature and editing of cell contents. You will look at how to format a worksheet. You will practice the cut, copy, and paste commands. With the practice sessions and questions and answer time, the user should be well informed to begin a basic spreadsheet and know the issues of inputting and editing data.

Class targeted to:
Those wishing to enhance their skills with the Mail Merge feature.

Windows: Introduction and Word: Level 1 or equivalent knowledge.

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