Web Design with HTML5 & CSS

Web Design with HTML5 & CSS3: Levels 1 & 2

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand how HTML5 is used to the satisfaction of the Instructor.
  • Successfully create a basic Web page as directed in the Learning Lab.
  • Create a table with 100% accuracy as indicated in the Activity Lab.
  • Efficiently format web page content by using Cascading Style Sheets.
  • Using the Instructor’s direction successful add Audio and Video to your Web page.

This two-day course will prepare the student to learn want to create basic web pages in Level 1 and those interested in using HTML and CSS for to create advanced web pages and to test their validity.

  • Creating a Basic Web Page
  • Structuring Content
  • Applying Styles using CSS
  • Creating Web Page Layouts & Creating Basic Forms
  • Managing CSS
  • Testing a Website and Creating Advanced Navigation
  • Incorporating Metacontent and Multimedia

Web Design with HTML5 & CSS3: Levels 1 & 2

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

Level 1: Create and format a basic web page. Work with Lists. Create headers and footers; categorize and enhance text. Modify the page background and apply background properties to images. Create a table; modify a table structure and format a table using CSS. Create links and format links using CSS. Create image and Email links.

Level 2: Create Web page layouts by grouping content. Create box layouts and multi-column layouts.

Apply advanced CSS selectors; create an external CSS and apply browser-specific CSS code. Test a Markup and test CSS. Create CSS-based menus. Incorporate images in CSS-based menus and create image maps. Define Metacontent.  Embed Media using plug-ins. Add Audio and Video. Create a form with basic form elements and add advanced form elements.  Then submit the forms.

Class targeted to:  Students needing to learn how to create Web documents, concepts and practices.

Prerequisites:  Familiarity with Personal Computers, Windows and Internet Explorer or Firefox and word processing skills helpful.

CEUs:  Upon successful participation in class and completion of all assigned exercises,   participants may receive up to 1.4 CEUs for this class.


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