Weathering The Storm!

Weathering The Storm!

Learning Outcomes:

  • Define the three stages of burnout and the warning signals for each stage based on information provided in class.
  • Using situations provided develop solutions to minimize burnout.
  • Evaluate the stressors in your life and select the best method to manage those stressors and create an action plan to minimize the stressors or modify behavior.

This one-day workshop identifies symptoms of brownout and burnout and helps the participant develop an action plan to rekindle the flame.

* Warning Signals
* Assessing Your Risk
* What is Brownout?
* What is Burnout?
* Identifying Stressors in your life
* Managing Stress and Managing Yourself
* Solutions to Combat Burnout

Weathering The Storm!
Specifics covered during this workshop:

Learn the three stages of burnout and the warning signals for each stage. Use a tool to assess your risk for burnout. Discover the difference between brownout and burnout. Develop solutions to combat burnout (based on your individual needs) and rekindle the flame. Look at the stressors in your life – work, family, social, self. Learn best methods to manage stress and your reaction to those stressors. Manage the totality of your universe: physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual.
Class targeted to:

Any person needing survival techniques to overcome emotional exhaustion and mental stress.



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