Visual Studio.NET: Introduction

Visual Studio.NET: Introduction

Learning Outcomes:

  • Correctly create a simple Windows Forms project given the parameters described in the Lesson Lab.
  • Demonstrate effectively how to interact with a database in a Windows Forms project using the criteria in the Lesson Lab.
  • Successfully create a Web Forms project and a Web Services project using the information found in each exercise.
  • Efficiently add code using the Code Editor and accurately resolve any errors found utilizing the instructions in the Activity Lab.

This one day of training will provide the basics of the Visual Studio.NET environment and is the first step to creating .NET applications. Learn to use the various wizards and other neat features.

* Creating a Windows Forms Project
* Arrange the Tool Windows
* Set General Preferences and Add Controls
* Add Code Using the Code Editor; Resolve errors
* Use the Data Adapter Configuration Wizard
* Manipulate Data in a Windows Forms Project Using a DataGrid
* Create and Display a Data Report Using the Standard Report Expert
* Set up a Web Forms Project
* Use Code-Behind in a Web Form
* Edit an Existing XML Page Using the XML Editor
* Create a Web Services Project

Visual Studio.NET: Introduction

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

Create a simple Windows Forms project.
Perform the steps necessary to interact with a database in a Windows Forms project.
Create a Web Forms project adding Form Controls, Code-Behind and edit existing XML pages using the XML Editor.
Create a Web Services project – delete, exclude, or remove Solution, Project, or Folder items.

Class targeted to:

* Students interested in learning Visual Studio.NET with or without previous Visual Studio Experience


* .NET Framework: Introduction or knowledge of the .NET platform is recommended.

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