Visio 2013 Professional Level 2

Visio 2013 Professional Level 2

Learning Outcomes:

• Successfully create a custom stencil according to the directions in the Activity Lab.
• As the instructor demonstrates, efficiently generate a working Pivot Diagram.
• Utilizing the Visio drawing, successfully link it to other applications.
• Correctly create an organization chart using external data as instructed by the facilitator.

During this one-day class, you will work with many advanced features, including using the drawing tools, creating and working with custom stencils and templates, and sharing your Visio drawings with other applications.

• Creating a Custom Shape
• Designing a Custom Stencil
• Designing Styles and Templates
• Designing a Floor Plan
• Representing External Data in Visio
• Sharing Your Work

Visio 2013 Professional Level 2

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

Learn to draw basic shapes and enhance those shapes. Create a custom stencil and customize a stencil master. Define a new style, then create a template. Create an Office layout. Work with layers. Generate a Pivot Diagram. Create an Organization Chart from External Data. Import Project Plan Data into Visio. Link Visio to a database. Import Excel Data. Link a Visio Drawing to other applications. Convert a Visio Drawing to a Web Page. Print a Visio drawing.

Class targeted to: Students desiring more advanced work in Visio 2013 Professional.

Prerequisites: Visio 2013 Professional Level 1 and a basic knowledge of Microsoft Office.

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