Visio 2000/02: Organizational Charts

Visio 2000/02: Organizational Charts

During this half-day class, you will learn basic drawing techniques as they relate to organization charts.

  • Visio Professional Overview
  • Using the Organizational Template
  • Simple Organization Charts
  • Adding Multiple Shapes
  • Changing the Layout
  • Rearranging an Organization Chart
  • Changing the size of the boxes and the color scheme
  • Set Default Options
  • Locating a Person in a Large Chart
  • Save as an HTML page

Visio 2000/02: Organizational Charts

During this half-day session, there will be a brief overview of using Visio. Look at optional ways to create an organizational chart. Create a simple org chart by dragging shapes. Pull in multiple shapes. Work with stencils to choose the shape you want. Add staff, consultants, vacancies and other shape options. Change the layout of your chart. Working with superior shapes. Change the size of the boxes or a shape’s position type in an org chart. Work with the Options Settings. Change the color scheme. Create multiple-page org charts. Locate a person in a large org chart. Exporting data. Save a drawing as an HTML page working with Internet Explorer.

Class targeted to: Students needing more in-depth knowledge about drawing org charts.

Prerequisites: Windows: Introduction and some experience with diagrams, flowcharts, and drawing tools is helpful.

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