Tips, Tricks, and Techniques using Microsoft Word

Tips, Tricks, and Techniques using Microsoft Word

Learning Outcomes:

  • Successfully use navigation techniques as described in the Lesson Lab.
  • Demonstrate efficiency by utilizing the shortcut keys provided by the instructor.
  • Given a specific set of directions, accurately manipulate multiple documents and use correct formatting techniques.
  • Correctly implement character, paragraph and document formatting according to directions in the exercises.

This class is designed by an instructor who specializes in MS: Word and will include so many features you never knew existed in one product. This one day class will demonstrate a wide variety of techniques that will increase your production and improve your everyday performance.

• Navigating in a document
• Working with Bookmarks
• Selection Techniques: Using Shift, Mouse, Extend Selection, other methods
• Editing Techniques: Deleting Text, Insert vs Typeover, Replace, Undo/Redo
• Using AutoCorrect
• Working with Multiple Documents
• Character Formatting: Shortcut Keys, Changing Case, Copying Character Formatting
• Paragraph Formatting: Shortcut Keys, Tabs, Indents, Bullets and Numbering, Borders and Shading, Copying Paragraph Formatting
• Document Formatting: Page Layout, Paragraph, Section, and Page Breaks More Everyday Tasks
• Extra! Extra! Learn all about it

Tips, Tricks, and Techniques using Microsoft Word

This class is packed with information using Word to enable your work day to proceed in a timely fashion. Learning these tips and shortcuts will enhance your ability to perform your tasks and create better looking documents. Learn to use Word’s Help System when you need more information about a particular subject. Find out what the EXTRA sections contain. Word has more features than you ever thought about using and with this class, “ Tips, Tricks, and Techniques”, each feature becomes more useful to you in the workplace.

Class targeted to:

Word users needing a brush up on skills or just needing to learn the most efficient use of Word.


Windows and Word, Introduction or good working knowledge of Word

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