The First-Time Manager

The First-Time Manager

Learning Objectives:

  • Given classroom discussion accurately define the skills most important for a new manager and perform a gap analysis to determine which skill(s) you need to develop.
  • List the difficult communication problems you are most likely to face, analyze the problems and develop three possible scenarios for handling each.
  • List the skills that are most valuable for supervising your former peer group.
  • From the methods discussed for motivating your team, choose those you feel are most suited to you and your team and develop a plan for implementing them.

Learn proven techniques to help you take charge of your job and new position.

• Organizing Projects
• Organizing People
• Guidelines to earn instant respect
• Tips for supervising your peers
• Recovering from mistakes
• Gaining the broader perspective
• Assessing your employees
• Motivating your team

The First-Time Manager

Ideal training for newer managers and supervisors and a good refresher for the veteran. Make your move into management smoother and more successful. Learn the skills necessary to manage/organize your people, your time, and multiple projects. Discover the necessary tips for supervising your peer group. Learn the best ways to recover from your own errors. Learn what your manager wants and expects from you and your employees. When tough people problems arise, you’ll know how to handle it by reacting with confidence. The skills you gain in this workshop will provide you with self-assurance and confidence as you “take charge” in your new job and achieve results.

Class targeted to:
New or soon to be managers or managers wishing further skill enhancement in managing people


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