Effective Telephone Skills

Effective Telephone Skills

Learning Outcomes:

  • During class participate in actual phone calls where you are asked to effectively handle various types of callers and be willing to receive feedback.
  • Create your own, personalized verbiage to handle callers, based on classroom discussion ideas.
  • Using role plays effectively evaluate encounters with angry callers and apply techniques learned to resolve the situation.

This one day Workshop is designed to train telephone users in the art of telephone and interoffice communications.

  • Introduction
  • Common Courtesy Practices
  • Personal Skills
  • Focus of the Conversation
  • Gathering Vital Information
  • Telephone Time Management techniques
  • Building Trust
  • Screening Calls
  • Defusing Angry Callers

Effective Telephone Skills

Each employee is a salesperson for their company. How you treat each person reflects the culture of your business. During this workshop we will emphasize the desirable personal skills that are needed in any office, such as attitude, posture, sound, words, and expressions. Making a caller or visitor feel at ease is an integral part of any successful encounter. When trust is gained, information can then be shared in a free manner. Learn when to transfer calls, and when to take messages. Use the best techniques to save everyone time. Discover how to interact with rude or angry callers, time wasters and those who simply want proprietary information. Learn to present a professional, polished image to your customers and business associates.

Class Targeted to: Students wanting to learn the best telephone techniques and customer service tips.

Prerequisites: None

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