Team Building for the Project Manager

Team Building for the Project Manager

Learning Objectives:

  • Given classroom discussions successfully define the project management process areas and discuss how those areas are impacted by team behavior.
  • Using your team as a guide, create an action plan for effective team building by identifying team gaps.
  • Based on information provided in exercises, compare and contrast motivational techniques for the teams defined in the exercises.
  • Create a communication flow analysis and provide a plan to ensure proper communication throughout your team.

This high-energy program is led by a certified PMP and designed to improve any project managers abilities to create and maintain an effective project team.

* Understanding Teams
* Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing
* Throughout the Project Life Cycle
* Organizational Structures and their Effect on Teams
* The PM’s Responsibilities
* Team Building Techniques
* Motivational Techniques
* The Importance of the Communication Plan
* Conflict Resolution
* Understanding Teams as a Group of Individuals
* Motivational Theories
* Understanding Individual Behaviors
* The Importance of Diversity
* Motivating Individuals without De-motivating the Team
* Team Maintenance – Tying it All Together
* Communication
* Motivation
* Conflict Management

Team Building for the Project Manager

During this two-day class, participants will explore both the processes and human behavior aspects of team development and maintenance. Throughout the training the participants will be exposed to many of the theories and techniques which are a part of the PMBOK as well as possible questions for the PMP examination. This course will tie the relationship of teams together with the related project management knowledge areas. Teaming and Teambuilding are essential elements to any successful project. Discover how the key process areas affect your team in addition to how your team affects the key process areas.

Class targeted to:

Project Managers or those planning to develop a team and need the perspective this course will provide.


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