Supervising Skills

Supervising Skills

Learning Outcomes:

  • Define your six biggest challenges as a supervisor.
  • Being provided with certain circumstances, accurately evaluate those situations and differentiate between clear and confusing instructions and remediate the problems.
  • Evaluate the common traps encountered by new supervisors, propose ways to avoid those traps, propose ways to correct the problems if you can’t avoid the traps, and be prepared to defend your answers.
  • Based on information provided in class, successfully define your communication skill deficits and prepare a plan for addressing those deficits.

This one day workshop is geared to the business professional needing to gain the skills necessary in managing people. Learn to take charge of projects and people

• Motivating employees
• Discipline issues
• Training
• Organizing
• Meeting deadlines
• Improving yourself
• Improving others

Supervising Skills

This full day seminar will develop useful tools for supervisory personnel. Whether you are a new supervisor or just need your skills updated, this seminar is for you. Learn how to improve your skills in dealing with others whether they are new on the job or have been with the company for a number of years. Learn effective motivating and praising tips. Dealing with Disclipinary problems takes much thought and planning. Learn the best methods for working under pressure or meeting tight deadlines. Discover the essentials of good training – preparing the employee to operate in the most effective manner. Identify the areas that need improvement in your workplace and in your supervisory style.

Class targeted to:
New Supervisors or those wishing to refresh their skills and gain new techniques.


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