Succession Planning – Preparing to Move Up

Succession Planning – Preparing to Move Up

Learning Outcomes:

  • Using your current team staffing requirements, successfully prepare a list of key positions in your team.
  • Taking the list of key team positions created in class; create a list of competencies for each key position.
  • Reviewing the key positions and competencies, effectively produce a document identifying the current skills gaps in each position/competency.
  • Drawing on the information provided from the key positions, competencies, and skills gaps documents you have prepared in class, adequately prepare a minimum of one IDP for a member of your team.

This workshop provides valuable insight into what it takes to prepare yourself and your team for your eventual promotion. Topics of discussion will include:

• Developing a succession strategy
• Examine key personnel and key positions
• Identify current and future competencies for key positions
• Develop a recruitment strategy
• Identify gaps in current employee and candidate competency levels
• Develop Individual Development Plans for employees
• Establish coaching and mentoring programs

Succession Planning – Preparing to Move Up

This one day session will assist participants in identifying key personnel and key competencies to be developed in order to leave their position better than they found it. Participants will look at each employee on their team, identify competency gaps and work on creating IDPs for each employee addressing performance development. Work on developing long range plans for coaching and mentoring programs and how to establish and track those programs.

Class targeted to: Anyone in a supervisory, managerial or team leader role.

Prerequisites: None

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