Stress Reduction Solutions

Stress Reduction Solutions

Learning Outcomes:

  • Accurately define the stages of stress discussed in class.
  • Define your stressors and classify them as positive or negative.
  • Based on information provided in class and your needs, prepare an action plan to effectively minimize sources of stress in your life.

Do you feel a constant pressure to achieve, or criticize yourself when things go wrong? Are you spending too much time worrying and are you having a hard time prioritizing your time? Be a stress buster: Learn to identify and control stress builders, then develop ways to maximize your production and energy level.

• Introduction and goals
• Stress: definitions, stages of the stress response, good and bad stressors
• Stress vs. Burnout and what is the difference
• Physiologic effects of stress on the body
• Medications and Stress
• Masking Stress
• Four categories of stressor types
• How to identify stressors in your life
• Assessment test
• Ways to take control of your stress
• The common pitfalls
• Workplace stress
– between co-workers
– dealing with paperwork
– time management skills
– phone interruptions
– pressure from supervisors
– communication and perception
– personal balance v. professional effectiveness

Stress Reduction Solutions

Learn what stress can do to your body and how it can control your life. Take a look at the stages of the stress response, what stressors are good for you and what stressors are bad. What are the results from chronic exposure to stress and what coping mechanisms can you employ. Discover how stress affects your heart & circulation, digestive system, muscle & bone, and the nervous system, including the brain and your behavior. Take a look at how drugs and medications may only be masking the symptoms, not helping you cope. Learn how to identify stressors (who, what, when) that causes anger, resentment, etc. Take a test that shows you how vulnerable you are to stress and in what areas. Look at ways to control your stress through diet, exercise, rest, clothing, relaxation, social office. Then learn what not to do as you regain control of your life and how to have fun with your stress.

Class targeted to:
Anyone desiring to experience real changes in how they manage life’s stressors.


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