Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Learning Outcomes:

  • Utilizing the SWOT analysis, accurately define your organization’s strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats.
  • Based on the information you listed in the SWOT analysis, successfully perform a gap analysis to identify various gaps in your organization.
  • Using the information provided in the two previous exercises, prepare an action plan to define the tools and methodologies you could employ to close the gap between your current organizational status and your organizational goals.

This one day Workshop will ensure your department or team have appropriate action plans in place to meet the goals and objectives of your company.

• Mission
• Vision
• Strategies
• Goals
• Objectives
• S.W.O.T.
• Communication
• Implementation

Strategic Planning

During this session, all departmental or team participants will set the plans in motion for what they want their group to become, steps to achieve the plan, goals and strategies to reach their objectives. Values will be determined; a mission for the vision will be formulated to develop the strategic direction the group needs to take. The organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats will be analyzed and an action plan devised indicating targets to achieve. Contingency planning, managing and anticipating risks and corrective action will all be part of the groups’ focus. In the Implementation stage, the specific approach used to achieve goals and objectives should be stated.

Class targeted to:

Groups needing to put in place steps to achieve and monitor company goals and objectives.



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