Strategic Decision Making

Strategic Decision Making

Learning Outcomes:

  • Successfully define the fundamentals of decision making based on information provided in the class.
  • Given a set of situations, analyze the options and select the best for the situation.
  • Assess complex decisions and apply the fundamentals learned to formulate scenarios and make considered decisions.
  • When faced with the need to make group decisions, utilize the group decision process including overcoming objections and moving past barriers.


This one day workshop will help your team, department, or company fine tune their decision making skills.

• Preparing to Make Decisions • Decision Options
• Decision Results
• Complex Decisions
• Group Decisions
• Negotiation Decisions

Strategic Decision Making

During this session, you will learn how to define decision making, fundamentals of decision making and steps in researching to learn the best approaches. Learn to generate options, then select the best option(s) for your team, business unit, or company within present parameters. Determine what results your decision will have on all concerned and learn from the experience of others. For complex decisions linked to other business considerations, discuss possible scenarios or outcomes that might occur. When needing to look at group decisions, learn the process and how to overcome objections or barriers to the decision making process. In conclusion, you will look at negotiation skills involved in decision making and decision making pitfalls for negotiators.

Class targeted to:

Groups needing to learn the fundamental principles of decision making whether it is by an individual or through group decisions.



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