SharePoint Services 3.0 Introduction

SharePoint Services 3.0 Introduction

Learning Outcomes:

• Use the default Windows SharePoint Services team Web site to create a basic project Web site to the instructor’s satisfaction.
• Successfully create announcements, events and links as directed by the Instructor.
• Correctly Create Web discussions and add surveys using the information in the Lesson Lab.
• Utilizing the instructions in the Activity Lab, manage users and groups and perform basic content management functions with 100% accuracy.

This two day, level one course will help the many companies, departments, and project teams who need to share information and collaborate on projects in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

• Understanding Windows SharePoint Services 3.0
• Using the Default Team Web Site
• Add and Modify Lists
• Create a Personal View
• Add Documents to a Library
• Create Wiki Pages
• Discussion Boards, Blogs, Collaboration via People and Groups List
• Subscribe to an RSS Feed
• Create an Alert
• Create a Site, Workspace, Public View, Survey
• Add a Library
• Manage Users and Groups, Site Look and Feel

SharePoint Services 3.0 Introduction

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

Examine collaboration technology and Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 team sites. Work with lists and libraries. Communicate with team members. Work remotely with SharePoint content. Customize your SharePoint environment. Create a team site. Perform basic site administration.

Class targeted to: Persons with MS Office experience who are responsible for establishing a team web site for projects that will allow information sharing between team or department members.

Prerequisites: Any or all of the Microsoft Office 2013 courses and poweruser experience with at least one application and web browser familiarity.

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