Sexual Harassment Awareness for Supervisors

Sexual Harassment Awareness for Supervisors

Learning Outcomes:

  • Using information provided by the instructor show topic proficiency by listing the major civil rights laws related to sexual harassment.
  • Given a set of circumstances interpret situations based on the law and effectively determine which contain illegal behavior.
  • Working with a partner, combine all the information shared in class with common work situations and formulate a sexual harassment policy suited for your business situation.

This half day session is designed for all supervisory personnel to help them become aware of laws governing sexual harassment, company policy, and possible instances of harassment.

• Know the Law
• Identify Instances of Sexual Harassment
• Assess the Work Environment
• Encourage Mutual Respect
• Use Common Courtesy
• Maintain an Open Door Policy
• Dating in the Workplace
• Create a Policy
• Implement a Process
• Enforcing Company Police
• Encourage Victims to Come Forward
• Investigate All Complaints
• Eliminate Offensive Conditions

Sexual Harassment Awareness for Supervisors

Performance-Based Objectives:

This half day session will acquaint all supervisors with the laws governing Sexual Harassment. Instances of unwelcome behavior, illegal verbal and physical conduct will be discussed along with intent versus perception. The work environment will be assessed and standards discussed. Learn to lead by example by encouraging mutual respect, using common courtesy, and maintaining an open door policy. Discuss policies for dating in the workplace. Create a sexual harassment policy by taking into account Human Resources’ role, the need for management support, the involvement of employees with emphasis on prevention. Publicize the policy and provide adequate staff to ensure compliance. Make sure all supervisory personnel support the process, encourage victims to come forward and investigate all complaints seriously, taking action as determined by the companies policy.

Class targeted to:

All supervisory personnel



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