Server+ Certification

Server+ Certification

Learning Outcomes:

  • Given information in the Lesson Lab, describe different types of servers, and identify hardware and software components used in servers with 100% accuracy.
  • Correctly install servers into a network environment and configure those servers for optimal performance as directed in the Activity Lab.
  • Utilizing the parameters set in the manual, successfully configure RAID.
  • Efficiently install Network operating systems and other software as directed in the Lesson Lab.
  • Given a specific scenario, identify and explain disaster-recovery concepts and techniques and create a disaster recover plan meeting 100% of the instructors expectation.

This five-day course covers the information needed to help you pass your CompTIA exam.

* Introduction to Servers
* Installing Servers
* Configuring Servers
* Maintaining Servers
* Setting SNMP Thresholds
* Upgrading Server Components
* Exploring Environmental Issues Surrounding Servers
* Troubleshooting Servers
* Exploring Disaster Recovery Concepts and Techniques

Server+ Certification

During this course you will learn the following: Describe different types of servers, and identify hardware and software components used in servers. Install servers into a network environment. Configure servers for optimal performance. Check and Upgrade BIOS and Firmware Levels. Configure RAID. Install Network operating systems and other software. Configure external peripheral devices. Install system monitoring agents and service tools. Document the server. Maintain servers by backing up server data; baselining servers and monitoring server performance; set SNMP thresholds; keep the server clean; verify hardware and establish remote notification. Upgrade server hardware and software. Discuss environmental issues that pertain to server operation. Troubleshoot problems with server hardware and software. Identify and explain disaster-recovery concepts and techniques. Create a disaster recover plan.

Class targeted to:

Aimed at computer technicians with strong experience in the Information Technology industry.


A+ Certification: Core Hardware and Operating Systems and Network+ Certification is recommended or have equivalent knowledge

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