Selling Fundamentals

Selling Fundamentals

Learning Outcomes:

  • Using information provided by the instructor, discuss the sales cycle and how it applies in specific businesses.
  • Given a set of circumstances, demonstrate an effective sales presentation.
  • Reviewing various role plays, adequately differentiate between adequate follow-up and harassment.
  • After participating in classroom discussions, successfully create an action plan for developing a relationship with a client.

This one-day workshop is designed to motivate any person within an organization to think of the customer and the benefits that can be provided to the customer throughout the sales process. It provides an overview of the basics of selling with an emphasis on the different stages of the sales cycle and provides guidelines and best practices to utilize during each stage of the sales cycle.

* Selling Basics
* Preparation
* Finding and Qualifying Prospects
* Making the Presentation
* Closing the Sale
* Follow Up
* Do’s and Don’ts
* Enhancing the Relationship
Selling Fundamentals

Performance-Based Objectives:
Select a sales approach to match the sales situation and the needs of the buyer. Prepare for each sales encounter and sell using the sales cycle so that increased sales are achieved. Find and qualify a sales prospect. Discover the clients’ needs and present the benefits you can offer to address those needs. Make a sales presentation and learn methods for closing the sale. Understand the importance of follow up and a variety of techniques to use. Learn many do’s and don’ts from a veteran sales individual. Learn how to develop a client relationship that will be long lasting and beneficial to you both.

Class targeted to:

Outside sales, inside sales, or anyone who comes into contact with customers desiring to know more about the sales process.



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