Sales: Tips That Produce Results

Sales: Tips That Produce Results

Learning Outcomes:

  • Given a set of sales circumstances accurately identify at least four creative problem solving.
  • After viewing several role plays, effectively assess the resistance of potential customers and select a creative method for addressing that resistance.
  • After classroom discussion, demonstrate understanding of the term “customer-centric” by creating a list of customer-centric things you can provide in all your sales opportunities.

This one-day workshop offers a variety of tips and presentation techniques to enhance your customer relationships.

* EightTips to Rocket Your Sales Upward
* Lead Generation tips for Beginning Sales
* Selling Your Brand
* Sales Letters
* Email Marketing
* Monitoring Results
* Being Creative
* Handling Objections
* Customer Centric
Sales: Tips That Produce Results

This full day session is geared to stimulate, produce ideas, brainstorm and gather more information to help you succeed in sales. Learn tips from a sales professional to help you improve sales and enhance commissions. Discover ways to market yourself and your product to create an “image”. Discuss how to use letters, email and other marketing avenues to your advantage. Learn how to find leads, network and “think” sales all the time. Think outside the box to present more creative ideas to solve the customers’ problems. Become a customer centric sales individual by going beyond expectations. Learn to set goals, keep records and monitor your activities for better time management.
Class targeted to:

Recommended for the entry level Sales Professional, those working in inside sales positions, and individuals contemplating entry into the field of Sales.



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