Sales: An Attitude that Attracts Profit

Sales: An Attitude that Attracts Profit

This one-day workshop provides a small group environment conducive to the facilitation of growth, personal relationships, and the encouragement to take risks.

* “Sales is an Attitude”
* 6 Key Ingredients Providing a Formula for Successful Selling
* P5+F = Profit™
* Key Concepts
* Sales Attraction
* Cultivating a Healthy Self-Image
* Psychology of the Buying Process
* Handling Objections
* Effective Customer Relations

Sales: An Attitude that Attracts Profit

This full day session starts from within the sales person examining subjects such as attitude, positive self-image and the attraction factor. Other topics include looking at the key ingredients for sales success; learn why customers buy, how to handle objections appropriately, and important customer relationship tips. Investigate the Profit Equation P5+F = Profit™; identify important questions to ask to receive client attention, buy-in, and commitment. Review a planning tool assisting the focus of prospective clients in developing the mutually profitable partnership. Approximately half of the session will be spent on theory, method and process and the remainder on developing and practicing methods and techniques including experiential group facilitation.

Class targeted to:

Recommended for the entry level Sales Professional, those working in inside sales positions, and individuals contemplating entry into the field of Sales.



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