Project Management Professional Certification Preparation

Project Management Professional Certification Preparation

Learning Outcomes:

  • Using information provided in class, successfully list the basic steps of project development and what project activities fall under each step.
  • After classroom discussion, accurately describe the nine project management knowledge areas and how each applies to project management responsibilities.
  • Analyze project and evaluate progress and monitor and control project risk.
  • Working together with the Instructor, begin preparing supporting documentation for PMP application

This five day interactive session offers the student a standards-based approach to successful project management across application areas and industries and focuses on the generally accepted practices of project management recognized by PMIÒ, Inc. As you proceed through this course, you will examine each of the nine project management knowledge areas and their component processes as described in the PMI Guide to Project Management Body of Knowledge.

* Initiating a Project
* Planning Your Work
* Developing Project Schedules, Cost Estimates, and Budgets
* Planning Project Quality, Staffing, and Communications
* Risks and Planning Risk Response
* Planning Project Procurement
* Working the Plan
* Controlling the Project
* Closing the Project
* Take a Practice Prep Certification Exam

Project Management Professional Certification Preparation
Learn the basic functions in initiating a project; define the scope of the project; develop a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS); create an activity list and project network diagram; Identify the Critical Path; develop a Project Schedule; determine resource requirements; estimate project costs; establish a cost baseline; create a quality management plan; document roles, responsibilities, and reporting relationships, assign project staff, create a communications management plan; create a risk management plan; perform qualitative and quantitative risk analysis; prepare a statement of work and procurement document; execute the project plan; implement quality assurance; develop the project team; distribute project information; solicit proposals, quotes, or bids; select a seller; administer a contract; manage changes to performance baselines; review deliverables and work results; control project scope changes, the project schedule, costs, quality and performance; monitor and control project risk; obtain formal acceptance and close out a contract. Experience a practice test with the help of a PMP who has already taken

Class targeted to:
The project manager desiring in-depth knowledge and certification in project management.

Project Management Fundamentals; MS Project Levels I & II and good knowledge of Word.

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