Project Management for non-Project Managers

Project Management for non-Project Managers

Learning Outcomes:

  • Accurately identify the difference between daily tasks and project work.
  • Correctly identify the phases of a project’s life cycle.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in completing a Statement of Work.
  • Successfully identify your project’s tasks and resources.
  • Order tasks using the Work Breakdown Structure

This half-day seminar will give the non-Project Manager a realistic overview of processes required in Project Management.

  • Defining Projects and Project Management
  • The Role of the Project Manager
  • A Project’s Life Cycle
  • The Work Breakdown Structure
  • The Scheduling Process
  • Project Risks
  • The Executing Phase
  • Controlling Changes
  • Closing a Project


Project Management for non-Project Managers

During this workshop each participant will receive the following information:

This session will examine some of the key skills a project manager needs. Four major phases of a project will be examined. Creating a vision statement, what it is and how to create one. Discuss the six key parts (SMART + CR) of a project goal. Learn to create a statement of work. Use a project planning worksheet to fine-tune each step of the project. Identify and list tasks and resources. Learn how the Work Breakdown Structure can assist in defining the process behind each step. Estimate time and scheduling considerations. Discuss creating an action plan to mitigate and minimize the risks encountered. During the Executing phase you will discover how helpful status meetings and issues management can be. Discuss a universal change control process that can be used for any project. Learn things that should take place during the close-out phase of a project. Fill out an action plan to ensure there is a knowledge transfer and commitment to utilize topics discussed in future project management responsibilities.


Class targeted to: Those planning to lead a small project or serve on a project team.

Prerequisites: None

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