Print Design Principles

Print Design Principles

Learning Outcomes:

  • Examine “hard to decide” design issues from both a theoretical and practical approach as directed in the Lesson Lab.
  • Define the differences between Raster & Vector images to the Instructor’s satisfaction.
  • Successfully demonstrate your knowledge of the different File Formats as studied in the Activity Lab.
  • Correctly describe process colors.

This one-day course will provide an in-depth guide to producing eye catching projects using a variety of mechanics.

  • Designing Your Game Plan
  • Printer Considerations
  • Types of Computer Applications
  • Raster & Vector Images
  • Different File Formats
  • The Study of Color
  • Formatting Images
  • Correction Techniques


Print Design Principles

During this course, students will:

Learn how to prepare their project correctly using color, images, resolution, and vector art. You will examine how to be consistent within your project, creating a readable and exciting presentation. Decide on type of paper to use, if you will use graphics and look at different printing processes. Study Raster and Vector Images and their techniques. Work with images for proper formatting and maintaining integrity. Learn best methods in manipulating images. Learn why you would trap colors and take a quiz. Discover the importance of proofreading.

Class targeted to: The new designer responsible for planning, creating, and producing design projects or those wanting to learn the process.

Prerequisites: None.

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