PowerPoint Tips & Tricks

POWERPOINT: Tips & Tricks

Learning Outcomes:

• Create a summary slide and a custom show using slide and title masters.
• Insert slide from another presentation.
• Set timing and transitions.
• Create headers, footers, use AutoCorrect and the style checker.
• Select and apply the most appropriate printing option.

This highly-informative, fast-paced workshop will teach students a myriad of tips and tricks to work more efficiently, effectively, and productively.

Some of the features covered in this class will include:
• Creating a summary slide
• Creating a custom show
• Inserting slides from another presentation
• Creating headers and footers
• Using AutoCorrect
• Setting timings and transitions
• Using different views
• Exploring printing options
• Using the style checker
• Using slide and title masters

POWERPOINT: Tips & Tricks

This highly useful and informative class will provide students with many ways to “work smarter, not harder” using common PowerPoint features. Students will find this class to be chock-full of invaluable timesaving techniques. Plenty of practice time and Question and Answer time is implemented within this workshop. Let us help you learn the most productive ways to use PowerPoint. If you need a good review with lots of additional tips, this class is delivered with you in mind.

Class targeted to: Students participating in this lab should be educated PowerPoint users who are familiar with basic techniques. Instructor-designed to meet the needs of each student.

Prerequisites: Windows and PowerPoint: Introduction, or equivalent knowledge.

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