Photoshop: Advanced

Photoshop: Advanced

Learning Outcomes:

• Successfully use the various tools to mask and clip layers to edit an image utilizing the instructions in the Activity Lab.
• Correctly create and edit vector paths to use the paths to create masks. Directions will be provided by the Instructor.
• Given certain parameters, accurately use the tools as directed to enhance an image.
• As directed in the Lesson Lab, create special effects by warping an image.

During this two day class, the student will learn work with the advanced tools, enhance your ability to create accurate masks and image effects, retouch images, work with video files, and automate repetitive tasks.

• Masking and Clipping Layers
• Masking with Vector Paths
• Enhancing Photographs
• Create Swatches and Gradients
• Create a Custom Brush
• Working with Video Files
• Create and Manage Actions
• Automate Tasks in Adobe Bridge

Photoshop: Advanced

Work with layer masks and edit an image using Quick Mask Overlay. Create, edit, and mask images with vector paths. Enhance and retouch photographs by using various Photoshop tools. Create patterns, swatches, gradients, and custom brushes for use in working with photographs. Create special text and images effects. Work with and retouch video files. Automate various tasks within Photoshop. Automate tasks utilizing Adobe Bridge.

Class targeted to: Students familiar with Photoshop desiring more advanced instruction to enhance their images.

Prerequisites: Windows: Introduction and Photoshop: Introduction or equivalent knowledge.

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