Outlook 2010 transition from Outlook 2003

Outlook 2010 transition from Outlook 2003

Learning Outcomes:

  • Successfully use Instant Search to search for specific Outlook items as directed by the Instructor in the Lesson Lab.
  • Utilizing the instructions in the Activity Lab, correctly group related items by assigning a color category.
  • Accurately edit, delete, and restore an appointment as demonstrated by the instructor during class.

This half-day class will help students become comfortable with the interface, mail messages and contact management within Outlook.

  • New Interface
  • Tabs & Ribbons
  • Customizing the Outlook Interface
  • Insert Graphical Objects


Outlook 2010 transition from Outlook 2003

During this class you will look at the Outlook 2010 content management tools to help you search for content and categorize items using Color. Preview attachments created in other Office applications, without actually opening them and use Outlook to subscribe to RSS feeds. Perform a simple instant search, and an advanced search. Learn how and why to preview attachments. Share Calendar information, clean up conversations and folders, set access permissions. Learn the easy way to share information with co-workers in a team environment. Publish your personal calendar on-line for authorized users. Create an electronic business card to share with others.

Class targeted to: Those coming from a previous version of Outlook and wanting to learn the New Features.

Prerequisites: Windows: Introduction or equivalent knowledge of the Windows environment.


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