Networking Your Way to Success

Networking Your Way to Success

Learning Outcomes:

  • Given classroom discussion, effectively define what networking is and name six ways in which it can supplement your career.
  • During a role play, successfully demonstrate good listening skills by providing accurate answers to a set of questions regarding the role play.
  • Using a set of criteria, successfully network with others in the class to elicit the appropriate answers to the criteria.

This half-day workshop will show you powerful techniques to increase the information and resources available to you within your own organization and from those around you.

* What is Networking?
* What will Networking do for me?
* Who can I Network with?
* Finding Opportunities
* Tips on Connecting with Others
* Using Situations to your Advantage
* Nurturing Relationships

Networking Your Way to Success
Learn the techniques for getting things done quickly and easily by using your mind and available resources. Tap into the ideas, information, knowledge, and expertise of others, particularly within your own organization. This course teaches techniques to improve our effectiveness by increasing and optimizing the value of each of our encounters. Network with others within the workshop for practical experience and demonstration of your newly learned methods.

Class targeted to:

Anyone within an organization that wishes to increase their visibility and develop opportunities for growth.



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