Negotiating on a Higher Level

Negotiating on a Higher Level

Learning Outcomes:

  • Working with a partner on different negotiation scenarios, establish effective ground rules to guide the negotiating process.
  • Using classroom discussion, clearly define expected outcomes from the negotiating process and provide at least two examples of how you can use these outcomes to provide for success in negotiation.
  • Participating in various role plays, effectively demonstrate good listening skills including active listening, creative response, and brainstorming to ensure your negotiation results in the appropriate outcome.
  • After reviewing certain scenarios accurately compare and contrast conflict styles and reactions.

This course is designed for the individual needing tools to better negotiate agreements between co-workers, clients and/or customers.

• Preparation
• Exploring the Problem
• Establishing Objectives and Terms
• Active Listening & Creative Responses
• Co-operative Power – Affirmation vs Assertiveness
• Emotional Conflicts
• Thinking Through Options
• React or Respond

Negotiating on a Higher Level

Upon successful completion of this one day course, you will learn: Best methods of preparing, know yourself, know the other party and their position and build their trust. Understand the difference between Confidence and Power. Establish ground rules before beginning discussions. Determine your expected and acceptable outcomes-what is your BATNA? Establish ethics for yourself or team and stick with them. Be a good listener and make your responses understood and agreeable. Respect the other persons’ position. Seek alternative solutions, gather creative ideas, brainstorm ways to best resolve issues. Understand conflict styles and reactions. Use conflict to your advantage. Learn to be a consensus builder. Determine final decisions and processes to accomplish the agreed upon goals.

Class targeted to:

Sales, Supervisors, Managers, Buyers: anyone in a position within their company where they need to negotiate for better products, pricing, or service.



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