Mother Told Me I’d Need This Someday

Mother Told Me I’d Need This Someday

Learning Outcomes:

  • Using the exercises provided, accurately restate common statistical terminology.
  • Based on classroom discussion prepare and execute a successful hypothesis test you will be able to use in your workplace.
  • Given a certain criteria evaluate the criteria and successfully use statistical inference where applicable.

During this program you will be presented an elementary review of the following statistical concepts:

  • Common terminology
  • How statistics can be used in our jobs
  • Estimation
  • Probability and probability distributions
  • Random variables
  • Statistical inference
  • Hypotheses testing

Mother Told Me I’d Need This Someday  

This review is designed to encourage the use and elementary understanding of statistical data.

This half-day session is designed to assist the participant in the elementary understanding and use of numerical data. Topics covered will include common terminology, estimation, probability, probability distributions, random variables, statistical inference, and tests of hypotheses. ***A calculator is needed.

Class targeted to:

Those needing a working knowledge of statistical concepts.



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