Math Refresher

Math Refresher

Learning Outcomes:

  • Using information discussed in class, successfully define the order of operations and how it is applied to mathematical calculations.
  • Using the problems presented in class, accurately differentiate between mean and median and choose the one that is appropriate.
  • Given a set of math symbols, correctly provide the use for each and provide in what order it would be used in a common formula.

During this program you will be presented an extensive review of the following math concepts. Questions will be answered throughout the day on additional desired topics, if time allows.

* Review of Math Symbols
* Order of Operations
* Decimals
* Fractions
* Percents
* Mean, Median
* Graphs

Math Refresher

This one-day review is designed to refresh your math skills and does not go into Algebra, statistics or higher math areas. The following topics will be covered:

– Order of Operations and its rules
– Decimals – place value, comparing, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions.
– Fractions – Equivalent fractions, reducing fractions, improper fractions, writing fractions as decimals and decimals as fractions, adding/subtracting and       multiplying/dividing fractions.
– Percents – Writing percents as decimals and decimals as percents, writing percents as fractions, finding percent of a number, determining percentages & figuring sales tax, discounts, interest, principal and down payment.
– Mean/Median – learn the difference and how to determine mean or median.
– Graphs – work with graphs to visually present data.
– Practice – plenty of practice time after each topic.
Class targeted to:

Those needing a good review of basic math concepts.



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