Managing Multiple Projects

Managing Multiple Projects

Learning Outcomes:

  • Working with a partner, correctly identify things you do during the day that waste time.
  • After participating in classroom discussion, prepare an action plan for prioritizing your time and functioning more productively.
  • Using your everyday workload, create an accurate inventory of tasks to be completed and categorize to facilitate efficient handling of work.

This one day seminar will help the student prioritize crucial projects, manage conflicting demands, and reduce pressure

• Time Wasters
• Time Savers
• Prioritizing Work Flow
• Master Procrastination
• Personalized Action Plan
• Decisions Under Pressure
• Strategies to Gain Control of Your Time
• Unrealistic Goals

Managing Multiple Projects

If you feel pressured, stressed out with too much paper work, too many things to do, this workshop is for you. Learn how to prioritize your time and projects; when and how to say NO! to additional assignments when you’re already bogged down; ways to zip through paperwork and avoid or curtail unproductive meetings. During this one day life-changing session you will master a simple formula that guarantees good results in any situation. Make sound decisions under pressure. Develop a daily routine that will smooth out your activities and help you function more productively. Create a personal action plan for your type of energy and work style. Much more practical “how-to” information.

Class targeted to:
Those who need to learn prioritizing skills and how to work smarter, not harder.


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