Lean Manufacturing/Enterprise Overview

Lean Manufacturing/Enterprise Overview

Learning Outcomes:

  • After participating in classroom discussion, be prepared to successfully list basic Lean Manufacturing terminology.
  • Using your own company as an example, successfully examine the goals of Lean manufacturing and compare them to your current business goals.

This one day introductory level course will acquaint the attendee with the origin, goals, and desired outcomes of Lean Manufacturing from the Toyota viewpoint. Along the way, we will learn terms used within Lean and what their relationships are to gains in productivity.

  • History of Lean Manufacturing
  • Purpose
  • What is Lean Manufacturing
  • Terminology: an Overview
  • Productivity Costs
    Inventory – Velocity, Throughput, & Lead Time
    Lean Flow
    Managing Waste – the Seven Wastes
    What is 5S?
    Value Stream Mapping
    Takt Time
  • The Toyota Way – brief description

Lean Manufacturing/Enterprise Overview

After successful completion of this workshop, the student will have a better understanding of the importance of Lean and how it relates to managing workflow, inventory, and costs. We will look at the development of Lean, the Seven Wastes, Inventory flow, 5S, Value Stream Mapping, Takt Time, Kanban, Kaizen and other terms used. In addition, a brief history of the “The Toyota Way” will be covered. Utilizing an employee training manual, t his course can also be used to acquaint employees with the concepts of Lean Manufacturing and the reasons for adopting Lean within their workplace.

Class targeted to: Those in Manufacturing or any business who aspire to greater productivity and costs savings.

Prerequisites: This is an entry level course for anyone wanting to know the basics of Lean Manufacturing, the terminology and principles involved and how they can apply to your operation.

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