Lean Enterprise: The Improving Workflow and the 7 wastes

Lean Enterprise: The Improving Workflow and the 7 wastes

This session will develop participants understanding in the success of improving the process for identifying waste, understanding the root cause, and putting in place strategies to eliminate waste.

• Study the 7 Wastes Identified by Toyota:

o Overproduction
o Wasted Time
o Transportation
o Processing Procedures
o Excess Inventory
o Unnecessary Movement
o Defects

• Develop a Philosophy for Waste Reduction
• Value Stream Mapping Improvements
• The Continuous Improvement Cycle
• Creating Stability from Instability
• The Connected Process Flow

Lean Enterprise: The Improving Workflow and the 7 wastes

After successful completion of this workshop the participant will better understand how to find waste within each process upstream and downstream using The Toyota Way of identifying waste. You will then develop an internal procedure or philosophy for eliminating waste. Discuss your Current State Value Stream Map and identify improvements. Apply the Continuous Improvement Cycle to all processes one at a time. Produce consistent results eliminating variations thereby creating stability from instability. Learn the standing in the circle method for diagnosing variations. Learn the continuous flow process and how to sustain it. Look at the Toyota waste reduction model to have a visual impact for reducing waste.

Class targeted to: Those in Manufacturing or any business who desire to improve the process flow, reduce waste, and save money.

Prerequisites: Previous courses such as Lean Enterprise/Manufacturing Overview and Lean Enterprise -Developing the Baseline & Value Stream Mapping are recommended.

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