Lean Enterprise: Plant or Office Design and Workflow Study

Lean Enterprise: Plant or Office Design and Workflow Study

During these four days the participant will put into practice what has been learned from previous classes as well as classroom time within this course. The practical application is actual on-site study of the plant or office design and workflow.

• Applying Value Stream Mapping
• Work Analysis
• Workflow at the Macro level
• Maintenance Activities
• Process flow
• Workflow at the Micro level
• Problem Solving Techniques
• The Lean Mindset

Lean Enterprise: Plant or Office Design and Workflow Study

After successful completion of this workshop each participant will understand cellular concepts, designing around monuments, improving the workflow at a macro level. After your Value Stream Mapping has been performed, then a work analysis is developed, workflow is determined at the macro level, maintenance activities are noted, and process flow is considered. After these studies are performed, then you can effectively design the work stations at the micro level. The Seven wastes and 5S concepts will be considered during all the previous steps. The goal for this study is workplace organization and simplification, process improvement and problem-solving and Continuous Improvement. Developing the Lean Mindset across the organization is a primary solution to managing waste.

Class targeted to: Previous class participants needing on-the-site application of Lean Manufacturing/Enterprise principles and procedures.

Prerequisites: This course should be preceded by Lean Enterprise Overview; Lean Enterprise: Building the Culture and the Corporate Philosophy; Lean Enterprise: Developing the Baseline & Value Stream Mapping and Lean Enterprise: The Improving Workflow & 7 Wastes.

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