Lean Enterprise: Kaizen Events & Value Stream Mapping

Lean Enterprise: Kaizen Events & Value Stream Mapping

This one day course describes the importance of Value Stream Mapping and extracting the input of all involved.

• The Agenda

• Change Management

• Mapping the Value Stream

• Why have on-going Kaizen Events?
Lean Enterprise: Kaizen Events & Value Stream Mapping

After successful completion of this workshop, the student will see the value of buy-in from everyone in order to improve work flow across the board. You will learn how to develop a map to analyze the complete activity cycle, collect baseline data and develop an employee information database utilizing their ideas of what works well and what doesn’t. Map processes, categorize tasks and track the flow of material. Look for the root cause of any waste. During your brainstorming meetings (Kaizen Events) learn to ask pointed questions to develop smoother processes, decrease lead time, minimize waste, and extract cost savings.
Class targeted to: Team members, management, anyone involved in Value Stream Mapping. The concepts of Lean can be used within any organization, not just manufacturing.

Prerequisites: Familiarity with Lean Manufacturing, its principles and importance. Those desiring to make a difference within their company.

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