Leading Through Change

Leading Through Change

Learning Outcomes:

  • When given a role play to observe, accurately provide six ways to turn resisters into active participants.
  • Using information provided in class effectively create an action plan for change for both yourself and your team.
  • Observe three role plays and acceptably provide a minimum of four approaches to minimize resistance to change.
  • After participating in classroom discussion, successfully discuss techniques to increase your effectiveness in helping your co-workers react positively to change.

This one-day interactive session is designed for the Manager/Supervisor whose team, department, or company (and probably all three) is facing many changes. Move beyond the acceptance of whatever comes your way to the “Take-Charge of Changes” kind of leader.

• The Keys to Excellence
• What Makes a Good Leader
• Decision Making Processes
• Motivation al Techniques
• Delegating rather than Demanding
• Set Goals for Yourself and Team
• Dealing with the Change Resister
• Timely Communication Tips
• Coaching and Mentoring

Leading Through Change

Learn to embrace change and develop a philosophy to help others cope with change. Diffuse those who are resistant by involving them in the decision making process. Develop skills to implement change and make sure your team is on board. Learn how to stay in control as things around you are swirling-learn to adjust, adapt and conquer. Become a Coach or Mentor to develop sound business relationships. Develop the buy-in of others by sharing ideas, clarifying expectations, and preparing for likely outcomes. See Change as a Challenge that when Conquered leads to Success for you, your team, and your company.

Class targeted to:
New Supervisors/Managers or current Managers desiring a new focus enabling leadership skills to be evidenced by all.

Please Note:
These classes are highly participatory and interactive. Hands-on experiences/case studies provided for all participants.

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