Leadership Clinic – Three Days

Leadership Clinic – Three Days

Learning Outcomes:

  • After participating in classroom discussion and a DiSC behavioral profile, accurately define the four dimensions of DiSC, and provide at least three characteristics of each.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in evaluating the differences between the DiSC dimensions and how they affect communication styles and leadership qualities.
  • Observing three role plays successfully define the main sources of conflict in each and provide at least three methods for managing each.
  • Using your own team as a guideline, define your current team roles, workloads and effectiveness measurement techniques.
  • Reviewing the roles and responsibilities of your team, create a plan to review all processes and procedures currently used by the team using the Lean Management techniques discussed in class.

This three day intensive clinic will involve a lot of hands-on activity to develop team building skills PLUS loads of information designed to enable you to become a successful manager of people, processes, and productivity.

• Top-Down Communications
• Handling Problems Creatively
• DISC Personality Profile
• Working Together (Team Building)
• Team Exercises
• Planning Lean
• Stress Management
• Interviewing
• Performance Management & Development
• Continuous Innovation Techniques

Leadership Clinic – Three Days

This three-day session will help to refine communications skills at all levels within the organization. Learn new ways to handle issues and problems as they arise. Take a look at the DISC personality profile and how to work with differing personalities within your range of management. Develop your team skills through interactive exercises, role-play, and games. Learn exciting motivational techniques to not only keep your battery charged, but to reach those individuals who need to be inspired. Learn to convince, influence and motivate others. Look at ideas to help with workflow and processes and increase production for your team. Find where your stress points area and develop ways to counter those stressors. Share with others your techniques to improve performance of your staff and increase job satisfaction. Learn best practices in Interviewing. Set measurable goals as a team, then set individual goals. Track performance and learn a step-by-step appraisal process. Look at new innovation techniques to encourage, inspire, and become a change agent within your organization.

Class targeted to:

Any manager or supervisor needing to develop and hone their management skills.


None required.

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