JavaScript Programming: Introduction

JavaScript Programming: Introduction

Learning Outcomes:

• Successfully create and execute a script utilizing the directions in the Activity Lab.
• Under the instructor’s guidance, demonstrate capability in creating a dynamic document.
• Demonstrating expertise, the student must create a form and function according to the directions in the Lesson Lab.
• Correctly validate statement using control constructs using the parameters in the lesson guide.

During this one day training class, students will learn how to write interactive web content with JavaScript programs using the latest language techniques.
• Getting Started with JavaScript
• Managing the Browser Window
• Managing the Document
• Storing Data Using Forms
• Validating Statements Using Control Constructs
• Manipulating Numerical, String, and Date Values Using Standard Functions

JavaScript Programming: Introduction

After this class, students will be able to: create basic JavaScript script, execute a script and identify scripting guidelines. Display messages on the status bar. Open a linked page in a new window. Write content to a document, create a dynamic document and create frames in a document. Create a form and function. Store data using variables. Manipulate data using operators. Convert data types. Validate statements and execute statements iteratively. Calculate numerical values. Manipulate string values and date values. Implement pattern search and enjoy a brief overview of AJAX.

Class targeted to: Students wanting to gain a full understanding of this powerful programming language to work with web pages.

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of programming, creating web pages using HTML code and be able to write programs based on JavaScript.

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